Achieving Mythic rank in Mobile Legends is not easy. This MOBA game changes the game patch quite often, starting with buffing and nerfing certain heroes.
Many new characters are added to the list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends. You need to choose your META heroes wisely to make sure they do the most damage to the enemy.

In the ranked mode, the strongest ML hero character is usually not easy to get because they are banned or taken by the opposing team.

Well, here is a list of the most powerful Mobile Legends 2023 Heroes that you can use as the mainstay of your team!

6. Fredrinn

This is a new hero released by Moonton. With painful physical damage, he is a very tough tank fighter hero.
Fredrinn has four active skills that deal burst damage and painful crowd control. Useable as a hyper, tank, or fighter.

5. Gloo

Gloo has a creepy, jelly-like appearance. He is a feared fighter or tank in rank. He has an ultimate ability that allows him to enter an opponent’s body and control them for a few seconds.

4. Paquito

The next most powerful ML Hero is Paquito. Paquito is a Hero with a fighter role. However, for some conditions, there are some users who use this strongest hero as a roamer or tank.
The famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao also collaborated on Paquito. Mobile Legends presents the Manny Pacquiao skin to strengthen his identity, even though his appearance is similar to Pacman.
Skill 1 provides a shield effect for protection and is useful for running after or avoiding enemies. Skill 2 is used to punch the enemy. For the ultimate, this hero will hit the enemy and provide crowd control effects.

3. Edith

Edith is a hero that is flexible enough to be used in multiple roles, from marksman to fighter to tank. Her defense is quite strong and her damage painful.
She also has a lot of health steal when she is in the Edith mode with a high attack speed and in the Phylax mode with a strong defense.

2. Joy

Joy is one of Mobile Legends’ strongest heroes. Joy can be used as Assassin, but this Hero has Magic damage, which makes it Assassin/Magic.

This hero’s Dodge skill allows the user to dodge enemy attacks as needed for quick hunting.
Skill 1 causes the Hero to call the Leonine Crystal to a specific location, dealing magic damage to the area. Skill 2 makes Joy run in the specified direction, dealing magic damage as she goes. For the ultimate, Joy will debuff, immune, and move faster.

1. Arlott

Using a spear weapon called the Lone Lancer, Arlott is the strongest hero in Mobile Legends. A half-human demon, Arlott uses two spears and is thirsty for revenge.
Arlott is included in the Fighter Hero category and is specialized in Charge/Burst. This hero is a good choice for players who use Fighter Heroes, as it has a fairly high damage output. Arlot’s Skill 1 Dauntless Strike causes him to swing his spear forward, dealing physical damage and a 40% slow effect over a 2 second period.
Skill 2 Vengeance makes Arlot attack the enemy, dealing physical damage, and Arlot walks towards the enemy; if the enemy is hit by Demon’s Eye, which is passive, Arlot deals a critical strike and the cooldown is immediately reset. For his Ultimate, Arlot will attack the targeted area, pushing the enemy to the edge or sideways.

These are the 6 strongest Mobile Legends Heroes to use in this meta. Using these Heroes will increase your chances of winning the match. Good luck and success!

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