one piece 1096 spoilers

In the One Piece 1096 spoiler chapter, Eiichiro Oda reveals a story as exciting as the previous one.Stories of events and mysteries of several characters in One Piece.

one piece 1096 spoilers

One of the characters Eiichiro Oda will discuss this time in chapter 1096 is Kuma, one of the characters highlighted in the previous chapter.Kuma is king of Sorbet Kingdom and commander of the Revolutionary Army.

Along with Ivankov and Dragon, Kuma is one of the founders of the Revolutionary Army.Apart from that, Kuma turns out to have a tragic past. Where 36 years ago Kuma was a slave owned by Tenryuubito. Kuma has been a slave since childhood and even his father was a slave.

But Kuma finally got lucky and found his soulmate during the God Valley incident. Where Kuma met Jinny who was also enslaved.

In One Piece chapter 1095, Eiichiro Oda introduced Jinny together with Ivankov for the first time. From this meeting, Kuma became interested in Jinny and finally married her after the God Valley incident. From this marriage, Kuma and Jinny had a daughter, Bonney.

But as we know, even after being freed from the World Government, Kuma never recovered his consciousness, so his tragic fate still goes on to this day.

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