In One Piece Anime and Manga, many strong characters are experts in fighting, and many powers are introduced, such as using Devil Fruit, Haki, and weapons.

One of the weapons that are used in One Piece is the sword; many of the characters use the sword as their most potent weapon.

The world of One Piece is filled with many characters with great swordsmanship.

Here are some of the strongest swordsmen:

1. Drakul Mihawk

Widely considered the best swordsman in the world, Drakul Mihawk is nicknamed “Hawkeye” for his intimidating stare. He is a slim man with a thin beard and mustache. His temperament is aloof and reserved, with a tough and proud attitude and a strong sense of honor.

He must have a super-strong sword to hold the title of swordsman. He has a great title and one of the greatest swords, the Yoru.

The Yoru Sword is cross-shaped and equipped with a very large golden-colored hilt. The power of this sword is very deadly; with one swing of the blade, an ice pile of Aoikiji’s can be easily cut on the marine Ford arc.

2. Shimotsuki Ryuma

Ryuma is a highly skilled swordsman. In life, his swordsmanship is reminiscent of a typical Japanese style of swordsmanship. He was able to cut through bronze with his sword techniques. Because of that, he was recognized as the strongest swordsman of his time. Ryuma was called the King, especially by the people he saved, the swordsman who possessed the greatest “warrior soul” in the world.

Ryuma can perform all of Brook’s techniques as a zombie possessing Brook’s shadow. However, Ryuma has a much stronger body, so the effects of his techniques are amplified to a higher level. The difference is enough for Ryuma to defeat Brook with a fraction of his full strength. Ryuma possesses “destructive power,” a product of his superhuman strength, in addition to Brook’s signature techniques.

Because of this immense power, he can slash objects from a distance (like Zoro with his 36-pound cannon), cut entire buildings in half, and destroy enemy swords with a few blows, all of which Brook cannot do. As Brook warned, a fight between two “Destructive Power” users like Zoro and Ryuma always ends quickly.

3. Gold D. Roger

Gold D. Roger, better known as Gold Roger, is the former and only King of the Pirates and former owner of the legendary treasure One Piece. Roger is the captain of the Roger Pirates, the only crew that has reached the end of the Grand Line and owns the islands of Lodestar and Laugh Tale.

He is also the father of Portgas D. Ace, the son of Portgas D. Rouge. He was executed over 20 years ago in Loguetown, his hometown. Roger can use two types of haki and has demonstrated proficiency in both.

Roger can use Haki of Armor to a very high level. This was seen when he attacked Shirohige by augmenting his sword with this haki. Roger can use Haki of Kings, as seen when he unleashed a large shard of Haki of Kings during his clash with Shirohige.

4. Shanks

Besides being known as a pirate with powerful Haki powers, Shanks is also a skilled swordsman.

He can cut through the sea and is also known as one of the four sea emperors. Shanks is the leader of the Great Red Pirates and the first Yonko to appear in history. A man of medium height, Shanks has scarring over his left eye, a missing left arm, and red hair, earning him the nickname ‘The Red One..’ He is carefree, friendly, respectful, and loyal to his friends.

5. Rorona Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest and most exciting characters in the One Piece anime series, with the lofty goal of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world.

As time passes and he continues to adventure with the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, Zoro’s skills improve, especially after training with Mihawk. The proof of his increased strength can be seen in Zoro’s ability to fight enemies higher than himself. These enemies include Big Mom, King, and Kaido.

Zoro is a fighter who uses the three-sword technique of the Santoryu. However, the peak of Zoro’s power is when he can use three times the amount of his power. This allowed him to use the nine-sword technique or Kryutoryu.

His current three swords are:

  • Wadou Ichimonji (formerly owned by Kuina).
  • Sandai Kitetsu (formerly owned by Ippon-Matsu).
  • Shusui (formerly owned by Ryuma).

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